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Analysis of Application Fields of Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Curing Agent
Category:Company News Source:Highfar New Materials Release Time:2024-04-20 View:93

The development of epoxy resin and epoxy curing agents in China is very rapid, and China has become a major market for epoxy products. The application of epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent products can be said to cover a wide range of fields, including industry, agriculture, food, and so on. The application of epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent can also be divided into the following parts.

(1) Automotive industry: It is one of the four pillar industries in China, and the demand for automobiles is increasing. The accompanying electrophoretic paint requires epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent, and maintenance paint also requires epoxy.

(2) Electric Power Industry: China's electric power industry has a grand scale and is in a rapid development stage, with the use of epoxy resin expanding at an annual growth rate of 60%. This field requires epoxy products from power generation, transmission and transformation to electricity consumption, such as insulation materials, dry-type transformers, switches, transformers, water conservancy, and hydropower engineering. The role of epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent in the construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants is irreplaceable.

(3) Shipbuilding and marine industry: China is a major maritime and shipbuilding country, and the 21st century is the century of the ocean. Ships, dock facilities, offshore buildings, drilling platforms, oil pipelines, marine aquaculture facilities, and so on require a large amount of epoxy coatings (anti-corrosion, anti marine biological pollution). Guangzhou Highfar New Materials Co., Ltd.'s special curing agent for heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings has won the trust of major customers with its quality.

(4) Electronic industry: one of the four pillar industries in China, developing rapidly. Epoxy resin and epoxy curing agents play a significant role in the electronic industry, and the epoxy resin adhesive industry has become a very large industry chain.

(5) Container Industry: China's container industry has developed rapidly and has become a major container production base in the world (accounting for 10% to 15% of the world's total). Container coatings and special curing agents for container coatings are driving the development of epoxy resin and epoxy curing agent industries.

(6) Food can industry: With the improvement of living standards, the manufacturing industry of canned food and food storage containers continues to develop rapidly, and canned coatings require more and more epoxy resin.

(7) In terms of the variety of epoxy resins, epoxy powder coatings and water-based epoxy coatings have a promising future. These two are the mainstream developments in epoxy coatings. China is the fourth largest producer of powder coatings in the world and also the largest producer of powder coatings in Asia. The Chinese government has identified powder coatings and water-based coatings as priority varieties for future development, and water-based epoxy coatings play an important role in the water-based coating industry.

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