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Development direction of epoxy resin curing agents
Category:Company News Source:Highfar New Materials Release Time:2024-04-20 View:61

One is functional curing agent. Due to the limited progress in developing epoxy resins with new structures and excellent performance, which can meet the requirements of resin modification, curing agents with special functions will become market favorites. Compared with traditional curing agents, functional curing agents usually have excellent properties such as rapid curing, low-temperature curing, toughening, and flame retardancy.


The second is a low toxicity and non-toxic curing agent. At present, the industry is not only concerned about the toxic and environmental pollution issues during the production and use of curing agents, but also attaches importance to the long-term pollution problem of waste epoxy resin products. It is reported that in developed countries, toxic polyene adhesives and aromatic amines have all been replaced by non-toxic or low toxic modified amines.


The third is a curing agent that can adapt to special environments. For example, a curing agent that maintains good and stable performance in harsh environments such as humid, underwater, and outdoor environments.


The fourth is that curing agents with excellent electrical, mechanical, and mechanical properties will be greatly developed.


The fifth is that electron beam and photocurable products are increasingly receiving attention.

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