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Where is the price of resin going
Category:Industry News Source:Highfar New Materials Release Time:2024-04-20 View:33

oday, the market price of bisphenol A closed at 22500-226000 yuan/ton, with some also closing at 22600-22800 yuan/ton, showing a strong upward trend.

Epichlorohydrin continued to trade sideways, closing at 12700-12900 yuan/ton, tying with yesterday.

As expected yesterday, on the last working day before the holiday, there was still no significant purchasing enthusiasm for epoxy resin, and the market remained slightly calm and flat.

The resin factory is patiently waiting. With cost support, the quotation is firm, and the profit margin has narrowed. Some factories are a bit impatient, and the quotation and transaction have significantly increased, which is quite surprising.

The current situation is that ECH is unable to fall and has been mainly sideways in recent days, with the possibility of a timely rebound; BPA is expected to rise slightly day by day, and supply factors are expected to continue for a while. And LER cannot continue to be weak under the push of cost, let's talk about it with a set of data:

BPA: The highest price in April was 29850 yuan/ton (daily average price), and today's daily average price is 22750 yuan/ton. Price difference: 7100 yuan/ton. ECH: The highest price in April is 16350 yuan/ton (daily average price). The daily average price today is 12700 yuan/ton, with a price difference of 3650 yuan/ton. LER: The highest price in April is 39700 yuan/ton (daily average price). Today's daily average price is 27750 yuan/ton, with a price difference of 11950 yuan/ton.

We calculate based on the current dual raw material consumption, and the dual raw material cost per ton of LER (E-51 as an example) has only decreased by about 6835 yuan (the consumption varies from factory to factory, taking the classic standard), while the sales price has decreased by 11950 yuan. 11950-6835=5115.00 yuan, this over 5000 yuan is the meat in the resin factory's wealth. If the factory is missing such a large piece, can it not be painful? Can you still expect the resin factory to make further concessions?

In the evening, there were rumors that a large factory announced a halt in trading, which is estimated to be a temporary measure taken due to increased costs and reduced profits in the future. After the holiday, it is predicted that the liquid solid epoxy resin will increase accordingly, which is already a certainty. The magnitude of the increase depends on the mood of each factory.

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